Visit Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Why Visit Uganda the Pearl of Africa?

In general, Uganda offers many exciting destinations. For example the beautiful mountains and the great rift valley. The lakes and rivers. Therefore when you visit Uganda, you will really appreciate why it is called the Pearl of Africa.

     Visit Uganda: the Forests, landscapes, wildlife

Furthermore, the tropical forests and grasslands make this a wonderful country to visit. More so, the wonderful people of Uganda are friendly . While exploring Uganda, you will encounter indigenous tribal cultures.  The ways of life of the Karamojongs are unique. Their opposites, the Pygmies are like no other in Africa. You will experience the African everyday life. But also, see the ancient traditions and crafts.

     Bird Watching

Uganda is one of the best places on the continent to view birds. It has more birds in comparison to other countries in Africa. In particular, there are more than 1,000 species.  Uganda is endowed with endemic birds. For example, the Scarlet-chested sunbird and double toothed Barbet are found nowhere else in the world!

The must-see birds of Uganda include the Shoe-bill, great blue turaco and African green broadbill. Besides, there are the  Bar-tailed Trogon, Black breasted Barbet and Green breasted Pitta. In addition, the Shelley’s Crimsonwing, Doherty’s Bushshrike, Nahan’s Francolin and Standard-winged Nightjar are in Uganda.

      The Gorillas, Chimpanzees and nature walks

In the forests, you see 14 primate species, including the endangered mountain gorillas, plus the chimpanzee, our closest relative.

Relaxing at Lake Mburo on a visit Uganda tour

Uganda’s large forests offer excellent nature walks. Visitors walk on the trails through stunning old forests. Otherwise, the chimpanzee habitats of Kibale or Budongo forests provide excellent excursions.

 Above all, you see the gorgeous Mountain gorillas in Bwindi’s impenetrable forest.

      The tree Lions, rhinos and Elephants

At Ziwa Rhinos sanctuary, you will see the endangered white rhinos. Moreover, you can even spend the night within the sanctuary grounds. Accordingly, lodges at the sanctuary include the Amuka lodge and the guest house.

In Uganda, you see the tree-climbing lions and huge herds of elephants. This is especially possible in the Ishasha sector. This is further south of Queen Elizabeth national park.

The Kazinga channel divides Queen Elizabeth national park into two parts. This water body joins lakes George and Edward. It is full of huge hippos and crocodiles.  Ordinarily, many animals come to the channel to drink water. Everyday, boat trips to see the animals sail along the channel.

     The National parks and the Equator

Uganda has 10 national parks. Also, there are 13 games reserves and over 500 central forest reserves. This thus exhibits the best of Africa’s flora and fauna.

At the Equator, you can stand in two hemispheres at the same time!

You can as well sail up or downstream the River Nile. Therefore visitors get close to wild animals at Murchison Falls National Park. A visit to the beautiful wilderness in Kidepo national park undoubtedly offers the magic in the Kidepo and Narus valleys.

It is possible to hike the Virunga Volcanoes (Mgahinga, Sabinyi and Muhavura). Or even climb to the summit of the mountains of the moon. These are the Rwenzoris. The highest peak on Mountain Speke is Magherita. It is snow-capped!

When visiting Uganda, you can simply relax at the lodge. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of Uganda. After all, Uganda is the pearl of Africa.

Tours and safaris offers that will make you visit Uganda:
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