Uganda-Rwanda Gorilla – chimpanzee trekking tours

Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tours

The following Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tours link visitors to Uganda and Rwanda. Indeed, we customize every trip that is suitable to you. You only need to tell us your budget and time frame. We will definitely weave a trip that fits your interests.

Uganda-Rwanda Gorilla and Chimpanzee safari
Uganda Rwanda Gorillas and Chimpanzee Tracking safari

Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tours in the jungles of Africa

Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tours in the forests of Uganda and Rwanda

5 days Gorilla tour, relax at the lake Bunyonyi. Tour from Rwanda to Uganda

Firstly, this trip takes you on a Kigali tour. You then drive through northern Rwanda. However you will see the gorillas in southern Uganda. You finally relax at the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi.

5 days Uganda gorilla and chimpanzee trekking tour

On this primate tour, you certainly watch the great apes in the tropical forests of Uganda. Without a doubt, you get to see the gorillas in the forest undergrowth. You also follow the chimps within the great Rift valley.

5 days Rwanda Gorilla and Chimpanzee tour

This is a Rwanda gorilla and chimpanzee tour. Specifically, it takes you to Rwanda’s forest parks where you can observe the gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural environments.

6 days Uganda safari for game drives and chimps

This 6 days trip takes you on the wild habitats of Uganda. The safari includes African wildlife, primates and remote landscapes.  The wilderness drives and jungle walk are awesome. This 6 day safari starts and ends at the airport or city.

7 days Uganda flying Safari for Gorillas and game drives

This Uganda flying safari includes the gorillas. You also enjoy exciting game drives and a boat cruise. In fact, you visit two national parks namely Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth.

8 days Uganda primates and jungle tour

The 8 days Uganda primates and jungle tour goes to 14 primate species. They include the gorillas and chimps. Firstly, you travel through the beautiful countryside. Secondly, you walk in the scenic forests of Africa. 

10 days Uganda tour with departure in Rwanda

The safari explores both Uganda and Rwanda. You see great wildlife including gorillas, lions and elephants. Furthermore, you experience the different cultures.

10 days Uganda safari: gorillas, chimps, pygmies and rafting

On this safari, you trek the gorillas in the African jungle. You further experience the pygmy cultures. With the pygmies, you go on food gathering and a hunting expedition. To crown the tour you go water rafting on the River Nile.

13 days Gorillas and chimpanzee tour (Uganda & Rwanda)

This journey is through Uganda and Rwanda. Indeed, it takes you to the wildlife and wilderness of 4 national parks. The adventurous tour starts and ends at the airport in Uganda. This is one of the classic gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tours in Uganda and Rwanda. It can be extended to 15 days in order to relax. Or to include more days in the jungles. 

15 days best safari in Uganda (Midrange or Luxury)

This safari in Uganda to the gorillas also takes you to the Murchison falls. In addition, you visit the chimps. The best safari in Uganda has game drives and boat cruises. The enormous wildlife and picturesque landscapes during this safari are great. 


In Uganda, gorilla trekking occurs in Bwindi and Mgahinga national parks. In fact, several gorilla groups are well used to human presence. They are therefore open to visitors at any time of the year. The hilly landscape, the ever green vegetation and various African animals are rather fantastic attractions. In Bwindi impenetrable forest for instance, the gorilla groups are visited according to the sectors. Habiyanja, Mubare and Rushegura groups are in Buhoma. This is in the north of the park. On the other hand, Bitukura, Oruzogo and Kyaguriro gorilla groups are in the Ruhija area, east of Bwindi.

Rushaga in the south has six gorilla families namely Shongi, Mishaya, Bweza, Rukara, Mikeza and Kahungye. However, the Nkurigo sector is in the south west of Bwindi forest. The sector has only the Nkuringo gorilla family.

The Gorilla habituation experience in Uganda

There are only two families for the gorilla habituation. In fact, this occurs only around Rushaga and Nkuringo areas.

 In Mgahinga national park, only the Nyakagezi gorilla family is habituated. “Big Mark” heads this group. There are other 5 silver-backs in addition to Mark. Therefore, gorilla permits are limited to only 8 persons per day.

You can choose the gorilla family you want to visit. However, this depends on your level of fitness. Some groups live deep in the forest, while others roam nearby. Your driver/guide arranges for you the most appropriate gorilla family. So then it is collaboration with the park office.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

In Rwanda, gorilla trekking is only in the Volcanoes national park. Here, there are 10 gorilla families. These include Sabinyo, Susa, Amahoro and Hirwa. There is also Kwitonda, Agasha and Bwengye. And Karisimbi, Umubano and Titus.

Watching the chimpanzees in Uganda and Rwanda

In Uganda, watching the chimps is possible in Kibale forest national park. Otherwise more trekking is done in Kalinzu or Budongo forests. Kyambura gorge is the other place for chimp trekking.

Kibale forest is indeed the main chimpanzee habitat in Uganda. It is a tropical forest on the northern side. On the contrary, its southern part is mainly woodland Savannah.

Generally, the forest occupies 77% of the park.  There are 13 primate species. These are himpanzees, baboons and Poto. Others are the red Columbus monkeys, red tailed, black and white colobus. The L’Hoest’s monkeys and grey Mangabey also live in Kibale forest.

In Rwanda, chimpanzee trekking is only done in Nyungwe forest. This is a true rain forest. It receives 2,000 mm of rain annually. Nyungwe forest is one of the oldest forests in Africa. The forest has a high level of diversity.

The gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tours in Uganda and Rwanda can be done at any time of the year.

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