Uganda National Parks

10 Best National Parks in Uganda

Uganda, indeed the pearl of Africa has plenty of wildlife reserves. These are for the protection of the diverse wildlife species. Below are the beautiful national parks that you can visit while in Uganda. These Uganda national parks offer a variety of beautiful African animals and landscapes.

The Uganda national parks

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi impenetrable national park

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park

Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale forest national park with Redrock safaris

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda

Lake Mburo National Park

Uganda Wildlife safari-Redrock African safaris

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga gorilla national park Silver-back

Mountain Elgon National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Semuliki National Park Uganda

Bwindi forest national park

Bwindi is one of the forest parks of Uganda. The forest is uniquely famous for mountain gorilla trekking. There are 4 locations around the park. These are for mountain gorilla trekking. Trekking is throughout the year. The park has a population of around 400 mountain gorillas. However, only an estimated 40% are habituated. There are at least 120 mammal species living here. These are like the forest elephants and antelopes. Besides the gorillas, other primates include baboons and chimpanzees. Bwindi forest also has 350 bird species. 23 of these are no doubt endemic to the Albertine Rift. 14 species are not found anywhere else in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth national park

The park is undoubtedly Uganda’s oldest park. It is largely savannah and woodland with a forest in Maramagambo. And within the Kyambura Gorge. The plains also support large herds of elephant and Buffalo. Predators in the park include especially Lions, leopards and Hyenas. There are tree climbing lions particularly in Ishasha. Furthermore, the Kazinga channel passes through the park. This connects two lakes namely George and Edward. The game drives  are definitely the most popular activities. But also the boat cruises attracts visitors. Even the nature walks and chimpanzee tracking.

Murchison falls National Park

This is Uganda’s largest park. This is where the spectacular waterfalls are. The river Nile divides the park into two parts. Clearly, the vegetation consists of savanna, borassus palms and riverine woodland. However acacia trees and some forest patches exist.  The southern side is mainly woodland. This part has few animals. 76 animal species live in the park. Namely Elephants, lions, giraffes, leopard, Hippos, crocodiles and more. Primates include the chimpanzees, patas monkey, Colobus and the Olive Baboon.  There are 451 bird species. Game drives take place on the northern side. Boat trips start from Paraa. They go both directions of the river Nile.

Kibale Forest National Park

This has the highest number and diversity of primates in Africa. In total, 13 Primate species including the chimpanzees live in the forest. Other animals are leopards, elephants and bush pigs, as well as buffaloes, golden cats and duikers. Kanyanchu is the point for Chimpanzee tracking and butterfly watching. Also, it is popular with forest walks. However, Sebitoli is the centre for bird watching. Camping can be done as well.

Kidepo Valley National Park

The park has 2 rivers namely Kidepo and Narus. These disappear in the dry season. However, they leave pools for the wildlife. Nonetheless, the Narus valley is the best game viewing location. This is due to the seasonal pools and open savannah. In fact, the park hosts over 77 mammal and 475 bird species. The animals of prey are lions, cheetah and leopards. Furthermore, there are side-striped jackals and spotted hyenas. Others notably the zebras, Elephants, buffaloes and eland roam the park.

Lake Mburo national park

This is Uganda’s smallest savannah park.  It has ancient rocks of more than 500 million years and a variety of woodlands. The park forms part of 50km-long wetland system linked up by a swamp.  There are 5 lakes within the park. On the other hand, wetland habitats take 20% of the park’s surface. There are 13 other lakes in the neighboring areas combined. The game drives and boat trips are famous. However, there are game walks whereby you see the animals on foot. Bird watching and cultural tours (milking of long horned cows) are also possible.

Mgahinga national park

This was made a national park in 1991.  It is Uganda’s smallest amongst the ten parks.

The park covers the northern slopes of the three Virunga Volcanoes. Namely, these are mountain Muhavura at 4,127 m, mountain Gahinga (3,474 m), and mountain Sabinyo (3,645 m). The three dormant volcanoes can be hiked.  As a matter of fact, they require no mountaineering experience. Tropical rainforest covers the three mountains. In addition, there is a crater lake at the top of Mt Muhavura.

Gorillas and golden monkey tracking are the biggest activities. However mountain hiking and cave exploration are possible.

Mountain Elgon national park

This park gets the name from mountain Elgon. This is on the border of Uganda and Kenya. However, the mountain has an extinct volcano. Earlier, it erupted more than 24 million years ago. It is the largest volcanic base in the world. It is also the second highest mountain in Uganda. At the bottom of mountain Elgon, there are the beautiful sipi falls. The park has vast caves whereby elephants and buffaloes frequently come. The animals come to lick the natural salt within the cave walls.

Here in the park, mountaineering and bird watching are available. Furthermore, the hiking of sipi falls and cultural tours are done around the park.

Semliki national park

This was a reserve created in 1932. Later, it upgraded to be a national park in 1993. The park occupies the floor of the Semliki valley. In fact, it is just north of the Rwenzori Mountains. The landscape and vegetation are similar to the Ituri Forest of the Congo. It is the only true lowland tropical forest in East Africa. Two hot springs are in the park. There is bird watching and nature walks to the hot springs.

Leopards in the best national parks of Uganda

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