Uganda Fishing tours

Uganda fishing tours

Our Uganda fishing tours go out to explore lake Victoria. Thus from the mainland, you set out to the islands. We also take you to the river Nile. In both waters, you get  great experiences of fishing.

The Water bodies for the Uganda fishing tours

The larger bodies include Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake in Africa. The other small and medium sized lakes include Albert, Kyoga, George, Mburo and more. However, these are spread out across Uganda.

In fact, Africa’s longest river, the Nile starts in Uganda. It continues northwards through the country. For the most part, the river harbors plenty of tropical fish.

The flow of the River Nile while we go on the Uganda fishing tours

A lot of Fish are found in the Kazinga channel. Indeed, this channel connects lakes Gorge and Edward. It further flows through Queen Elizabeth national park. Therefore 20% of water covers Uganda’s surface.

Without a doubt, get ready and bless yourself for a full adventure of fishing! Expect the huge Nile perch or Tilapia. All this, in the endowed tropical waters of Uganda in Africa.

Murchison Falls national Park

Just below the mighty Falls in Murchison falls national park, there are pools of the River Nile. These have many fish species. The area is home to enormous fish. This is because of the conservation area. In here, only sport fishing is allowed. Therefore anglers use live bait to catch the fish.

Lake Victoria and Ssese Islands

On the other hand, Lake Victoria and its waters is a habitat for a variety of fish types.  There are over 80 of the Ssese Islands on this Lake. Interestingly, large swamps surround the lake. Thus the Islands and swamps are ideal hide outs for the fish.

Our fishing expeditions take you to explore Lake Victoria from the main land into the islands for great fishing experiences. The method of fishing is by use of trolling.

Check out our Uganda fishing tours on lake Victoria and the Nile
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