Semliki National Park

    Semliki national park


Firstly, Semliki national Park was a reserve in 1932. The government later named it a national park in 1993. It lies between 670-760m above sea level.

This park occupies the Semliki Valley. It is just north of the Rwenzori Mountains. The landscape and vegetation are unique. They are in fact an extension of the Ituri Forest of the Congo.

In fact, Semliki is the true lowland tropical forest in East Africa. Two hot springs like geysers bubble up from the surface. This shows the forces that have shaped the valley in the last many million years. According to legend, the hot-springs are male and female.

The biodiversity of Semliki national park

Semliki is one of Africa’s oldest and diverse forests.

There are 441 birds species. These include the Congo Serpent Eagle, Blue billed Malimbe and  Yellow throated Nicator.

60 animals exist in Semliki nartional park. Additionally, there are nine species of duikers. The elephants and buffalos are here. Furthermore, the leopards and pygmy hippos roam the park. Primates such as bush babies, blue, Mona Monkeys also live here. Interestingly, civets and the Pygmy Flying Squirrel are residents of the park.

The size of Semliki national park

This is clearly one of the smallest parks in Uganda. It is only 220 square kilometers.


The park is situated in western Uganda. That is, north of the Rwenzori Mountains. And close to the Congo border. Nonetheless, it lies near the town of Fort Portal.

Accessibility of Semliki

The distance from Kampala through Fort Portal and Bundibugyo is 390 kms. One needs about 6 hours.

Tourism activities in Semliki national park

The nature walks to the hot springs are quite popular. Indeed, the dense jungle is quite refreshing. However, bird watching is a worthwhile for enthusiasts. Moreover, bird species from the Congo basin exist here. Community tours are possible to Batwa and locals.

The Red-tailed monkeys in Semuliki national park. The park is an extension of the Congo basin

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