Safaris and prices for Gorilla and chimpanzee tours

Safaris and prices for gorillas and chimpanzees tours (Uganda & Rwanda)

The following are safaris and prices for Gorillas and chimpanzees tours in Uganda and Rwanda. The offers are real gorillas and chimpanzee adventures. However, we customize every trip so that is suits your lifestyle and time frame. Kindly let us know what you want. We will surely do the needful.

The safaris and prices for gorillas and chimpanzees tours

5 days Gorilla tour, relax at the Lake: Rwanda to Uganda

This tour takes you through northern Rwanda. However you track the Gorillas in southern Uganda. In addition to this, you relax at the picturesque Lake Bunyonyi. Finally, you visit and tour the city of Kigali.

5 days Uganda gorilla and chimpanzee tracking tour

On this primate tour, you see the great apes and other monkeys. Track the gorillas in Bwindi and follow the chimpanzees in the Rift Valley.

8 days Uganda Primates and jungle tour

The 8 days Uganda primates and jungle tour includes the search for 14 primate species. This definitely includes the Gorillas and chimpanzees!!  You have nature walks in the scenic forests and swamps. The tour travels through the beautiful landscapes in the truly African countryside. 

10 days Uganda tour with departure in Rwanda

This 10 days safari explores both Uganda and Rwanda. You get to encounter a lot of wildlife including gorillas, chimps and herds of elephants!! Furthermore, you experience unique cultures and see the ways of life of the local people. 

13 days Gorillas and Chimpanzee tour (Uganda & Rwanda)

The Gorillas and Chimpanzee trip goes through Uganda and Rwanda. It takes you to the  wilderness of 4 national parks. This adventure tour starts and ends at the airport in Uganda. However, it is also possible to start in Uganda and end in Rwanda. Or still if you prefer the other way around.

15 days best safari in Uganda (Midrange or Luxury)

This safari is around Uganda. It takes you to six national parks. No doubt, you will see many African animals and nice landscapes.  Last but not least, you will see unique cultures throughout your vacation.

The Safaris & prices for Gorillas and Chimpanzee tours are throughout the year.

Safaris and prices of Gorilla tours; A silver-back Gorilla feeding on leaves in the forest while watching over the group

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