Places to enjoy fishing in Uganda

Fishing Tours

Fishing in Uganda is one of the fascinating traveler exercises. Have you constantly wanted to have a major catch? Then you are welcome to fishing in Uganda. Uganda is a definite angling destination. With 33% of the nation secured by water, there is an incredible open door for Sport Fishing. Nile perch of up to 108Kgs is possible to catch beneath the falls in Murchison Falls National Park.

Why go Fishing in Uganda?

Game angling is a standout activity among the most interesting exercises in Uganda. Participants can certainly get enormous and substantial fish weighing as much as 100 kilograms. Authorized angling in Uganda is directed from well known spots such as; Sipi area close to Mount Elgon, inside the Murchison Falls national park, Lake Mburo and on Lake Victoria. We at Redrock African Safaris organize Uganda fishing tours that you can be part of to enjoy the best fishing in Uganda.

Fish Species in Uganda

The fish that you can get include; Tilapia, Nile Perch, Tiger fish, Catfish, Silver fish and Golden Barbel.

Be a part of the booking now since restricted angling licenses are accessible per year. Keep in mind that we advocate for ‘Catch and return’ for preservation purposes.

Most productive areas for fishing in Uganda

  •    Murchison Falls National Park
  •    Lake Victoria
  •    Lake Mburo
  •    Ssese Islands
  •    Jinja

Sport Fishing in Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls stands out among the best spots for angling. The Southern and Northern Banks of the River Nile underneath the Murchison Falls offer the most thrilling difficulties to energetic fishers. Found inside the incredible flows and exceptionally oxygenated waters is the Nile Perch. Here is the chance to have a gigantic catch with the record being 108 kilograms. Other fish species inside the Murchison Falls incorporate Tiger fish and Catfish. Game angling inside the Murchison Falls National park is done around the gazetted places. Sport Fishermen are encouraged to bring their preferred gear for example; multiplier angling reel, Mounted spool. Angling permits are obtained from the Uganda Wildlife Authority office.

Uganda Fishing Tours

Angling at Murchison requires master help to guarantee both customer security in this daring goal, and the best open door for effective angling. Hence we prescribe that our accomplished angling guides are used for any customer bunches making a trip to the recreation center explicitly for angling.

The angling at Murchison differs from year to year concerning which are the best angling months, however, for the most part, it is acknowledged that the drier months of the year produce better angling outcomes – January to March and July to October.

Game angling at Murchison Falls is an undertaking; natural life and excellent landscape encompass you. However, temperatures can reach over 40°C and fishers ought to have sunscreen applied. Tsetse flies fly close to the falls and we prescribe pants and long socks just as bug repellent as an assurance against their chomps.

Game Fishing in Mount Elgon

It is possible to have game angling inside Mount Elgon National Park from over the most noteworthy of the three cascades at the Sipi Area outside Mount Elgon National Park. It offers intriguing chances to anglers who brag in engaging with the rainbow trout because of its brilliant tinge and battling capacity. The biggest trout fish got can weigh as much as 3 kilograms.

Game angling inside Mount Elgon is limited to the assigned places and booking isn’t significant yet the planning members are encouraged to convey their own angling types of gear, and afterward acquire an angling license from the Sipi River Lodge to take part.

Fishing Tours

It is not that when you are in Mount Elgon, you only have the opportunity to fish. There are various other activities, which make your vacation full of enjoyment.

The Mount, on the Kenya-Uganda outskirt, is a volcanic mountain, framed when the world’s covering emitted, making the Great Rift Valley.

Game viewing is amazing: the recreation center is home to around 400 elephants, buffalos, panther, the ensured colobus and blue monkeys, the monster forest hog, waterbuck and different kinds of antelope. More than 240 types of birds are also possible to view. The tremendous Elgon teak and cedar trees, some over 80ft. tall rule the backwoods view.

A noteworthy fascination is a progression of four caverns: Kitum, Makingeni, Chepnyalil and Ngwarisha, which are all explorable. Kitum is the biggest, broadening on a level plane for 200m into the core of the mountain. In Maasai, its name implies Place of Ceremonies.

The caverns are the most loved assembling places for elephants. Consistently, long caravans adventure profoundly into the caverns to benefit from the salt-rich stores. This wonder has earned them the title “underground elephants.”

Mount Elgon likewise offers incredible climbing and strolling openings. No exceptional gear for climbing is required and the recreation center administration gives guides.

The most noteworthy top on the Kenyan side is Koitobos. You can go there through lovely moorlands and springs that can be seen en route.

The Park has four streams, prompting Lake Turkana: the Nzoia, Suam, Kerio and Turkwell. Game angling is conceivable in the Suam River.

Game Fishing in Lake Mburo

With more than six intriguing types of fish inside Lake Mburo, it is unquestionable that sport angling is directed inside this Lake, and Tilapia is the most widely recognized fish species inside this Lake. The gazzeted angling spot inside Lake Mburo is at Mazinga, and travelers wanting to get fish from Lake Mburo should convey their very own angling supplies and get an angling grant from the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The recreation center has 313 diverse fledgling species, which you can view. You can view the uncommon Shoebill stork, White-winged Warblers, Black-charged Barbet, Crested Francolin, Brown Parrot, Red-necked Spur, Emerald-spotted Wood Dove and Temminck’s Courser. You can also view normal Quails, Greenwood Hoopoe, Blue-rested Mouse feathered creature, Barefaced Go-away flying creature, African-dark Hornbill, Nubian Woodpecker, Trilling Cisticola, Lilac-breasted Roller, Coqui Francolin, Red-necked goad fowl, Black Bellied Bustard, African-wattled Plover Rufous snoozed and Flappet songbirds, Rufous-chested Swallow , Southern Red Bishop and Yellow-throated Long hook among others. The bordering swamps in the recreation center additionally stow away hidden papyrus authorities, for example, the red, dark and yellow papyrus gonalek.

Game Fishing in Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the closest spot for vacationers who lean toward close-by spots and angling trips are accessible to all fishermen whether amateurs or the accomplished fishers. On the banks of Lake Victoria, Sport angling can be led consistently; however the best angling time is October to March. You can get Nile Perch weighing somewhere in the range of 10 and 100 kilograms and the principle angling technique is trolling with draws, and Tilapia weighing from 1 kilogram and 2 kilograms which are found utilizing the fly angling strategy.

Game Fishing inside Lake Victors is led close to the Islands; utilizing 18 feet, ski vessels with single froth filled the frame, which is finished by the Yamaha 140HP, out-board motor pontoon that conveys a limit of four travelers or by a kayak and a 24 feet long fiberglass.

For travelers expecting to do sport angling from Lake Victoria does not need to bring their own types of gear, since most types of gear are given and they incorporate Life coats, medical aid box, Electronic fish-discoverer, fire douser, draws for trolling the Perch and GPS.

Game angling trips start from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, at that point from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and a half day trips keep going 4 hours while the entire day trip endures 8 hours and the spots to angle are resolved dependent on the overall climate conditions.

In this way, sport angling is one of the potential exercises that sightseers who visit Uganda can take an interest in Uganda can take part in and is done from Lake Mburo, Murchison Falls, Sipi Area of the Mount Elgon and inside Lake Victoria.