Kidepo Valley National Park

      Kidepo Valley National Park

The Kidepo valley national park is Uganda’s furthest parks. However, it offers breath taking Savannah landscapes. In fact, these end in rugged mountains of the Sudan.

The landscape throughout the park is filled with small hills. More so, rocky outcrops.  From these points, one can enjoy magnificent views of the park below.

There is abundant wildlife in Kidepo valley national park. This includes Cheetahs, Ostriches and Bat eared fox. Indeed many  such animals are not in Uganda’s other parks.

Giraffes in Kidepo national park

The imposing feature of the park is  Mountain Morungole at 2,750m. It is possible to visit this mountain while on a tour to Kidepo.

The vegetation in Kidepo valley national park

This is mainly tree Savannah. It varies much in structure and composition. Even so, mountain forests dominate some of the high places. Meanwhile, areas along the Lorupei River support dense Acacia forest.


The wildlife of this park is more typical of Kenya than Uganda. 77 mammal species including the Lions, Zebras, Cheetah and Bat-eared Fox are here. Large herds of Elephants and even Pygmie crocodiles live in Kidepo. Almost 500 bird species including the Kori bustard, Dark chanting Goshawk and more. The Clapperton’s Frankolin is endemic in this park.

The size of Kidepo is 1, 442 sq. km


The park is in the Karamoja region of Northern Uganda. In fact, it boarders with Sudan and Kenya.


From Kampala through Mbale  and Soroti to Kotido then Kidepo is around 750 kms. This takes about 12 hours to drive. Of course with stops for lunch and stretches along the route.

Alternatively, the journey from Entebbe through Lira, Kitgum to Kidepo is about 720 kms. The drive lasts about 11 hours with stops en route.

Tour activities in Kidepo valley

The Game drives, bird watching and nature walks are from Apoka. The community walks to the Karamojong people are interesting. On the other hand, mountain hiking to Morungole can be arranged.

Elephants in Kidepo valley national park

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