Uganda & Rwanda- best time for Gorilla and Chimp trekking

The best time for Gorilla and Chimps trekking in Uganda & Rwanda 

Gorilla and Chimps trekking

Uganda and Rwanda are located on the equator. so when visiting these countries, think about the best time for a Gorilla and chimp trekking safari.

Uganda and Rwanda lie between mountain ranges. Large lakes like Victoria, Kyoga and Albert as well as rain forests help regulate the weather and climate.

Therefore, these factors make Uganda and Rwanda, year round travel destinations for Gorilla and chimp trekking. Uganda has two rainy seasons. The short season of two months starts from October to November. The longer season starts from Mid-march to the end of May.

Rainfall ranges between 1000-2000mm annually. However,  the skies are normally clear throughout the year. This is good for most safari holidays. The average temperatures of Uganda are at 21.5 C and 71 F,  reducing to about 54 F at night.

Most tourists choose to visit Uganda from May to September and December to February. In these months, the rain reduces. It is sunny around most destinations. December, July and August are the busiest months of the year in the Gorilla and Chimpanzee parks. It is therefore wise to book the accommodation in advance.

The dry months of February, early June and September too are good for vacation in Uganda. Tourists visiting are few. Therefore the lodges are not fully booked as in the high season.

Visiting Uganda in the low season March to May or October to November is fine. This is the rainy season with some sun shine. After the rain, the sun comes out again and you can continue with the activities.  Mountain gorilla and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda occurs during this time as well. The national parks are open. Some accommodations lower their prices. The Uganda gorilla permit fees are reduced from $ 600 to $ 450 to encourage many tourists. While Chimpanzee permits cost $100 instead of $150. So Tourists take advantage of the reduced prices on the permits. Traveling in this season also means that you will enjoy the parks with fewer people.

Wildlife viewing in Uganda and Rwanda is best in the dry season. It is a good time after the rains too when new grasses sprout; from February and March, September and beginning of October.  In the dry season, the animals are to be found mainly around water holes within the parks. Bird watching can be done throughout the year. It is however best done between the months of November and April when the migrant bird species are around in Uganda. The majority of tourism locations around the forests are relatively summer places.

The right and best time to trek the gorillas and chimps in Uganda or Rwanda

Gorillas and Chimp trekking tours can be done throughout the year. However, the majority of trekkers come during the dry months from December to February and June to September.

In the Uganda and Rwanda forests, the landscape is steep. Trails get muddy and slippery during the wet season. The rains are not heavy at all times. However, it can be challenging to hike in the hilly forests.  The rain falls for about one or two hours after  about every 3 days of the week. The sun shines thereafter. Nonetheless even in the dry season, there can be mild rains in Bwindi or Kibale forests.

Visitors who choose to trek in the rain months find the gorillas in a few hours. They can be back at the lodge by lunch time. The gorillas stay on the lower slopes where food is easily accessible and it is warmer. During the rain months, plants sprout. There is a lot to eat for the gorillas on the lower slopes. The temperatures too are lower. Gorillas do not have to walk long distances searching for what to eat in the jungle.

In Uganda and Rwanda gorilla and chimp trekking can be enjoyed throughout the year.  Therefore the best time  for your visit may as well depend on your choice of dates. You will have a great experience at any time when you visit.

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