Fishing tours in Uganda – Find the Best Places for Fishing


Fishing tours in Uganda take you to the best spots on the River Nile and Lake Victoria

Uganda is famous for its wildlife safaris. However, it is also one of the excellent sport fishing destinations in Africa!

Its beauty is not only reflected by its stunning scenery, the endangered mountain gorillas and the big game drives but also by its remarkable water bodies.

The geographical position of Uganda at the Western and Eastern arms of the Great Rift Valley features myriads of water resources. Undoubtedly the tropical lakes and freshwater rivers provide excellent support to the appealing new water-based tourism.

Uganda is mostly occupied by fresh water, making it a home to numerous Lakes and rivers. It makes Uganda the best spot for sport fishing safaris in East Africa. Well planned Uganda fishing tours allow visitors a great way to explore the country’s best fishing spots.  Few of them are mentioned as here below.

Murchison fall national park

Murchison fall national park is one of the most motivating, challenging spots for sport fishing adventures in Uganda. For any avid anglers, sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park is an all year round adventure! The angler shouldn’t miss out Murchison Falls National Park while on a Uganda fishing tour. Visitors have a higher opportunity to catch unusual fish species like the Nile perch and catfish as well as tiger fish here in Murchison falls.

We make the necessary arrangements for fishing boats, sport fishing permits, take you to the reachable sites and much more that allows you to partake and explore the most exciting Uganda fishing tours. You will even get the opportunity to catch more than 100 kilograms of Nile perch.

We also guide you when walking down the gorge to the River from the top of the falls.

Uganda Fishing Tours

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest freshwater body that derived its name from Queen Victoria. It features among Africa’s great Lakes fed by inflows from River Kagera.

Although sport fishing on Lake Victoria is an all year round adventure, October to March is considered the best period for fishing tours. It is indeed an amazing natural wonder shared between Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Most interestingly it is also home to more than 80 islands, most of which support fishing activities! It offers the vacationers an opportunity to catch at least a Nile perch of about 10 kilograms to 50 kilograms and also chances of catching the Tilapia of about one to two kilograms using fly fishing methods.

If you are planning to participate in the fishing adventure on Lake Victoria, we help you in arranging well-equipped boats to ease your Uganda fishing tours. However, note that the prevailing weather conditions will determine your exact site for sport fishing.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo is one of the most excellent places for Uganda fishing tours and sport fishing activity. It is placed within the stunning Lake Mburo National Park in western Uganda. It consists of 6 distinct fish species including more than two kilograms of tilapia that are thriving in its water.

The Uganda fishing tours and fishing adventures in Lake Mburo are best conducted around Mazinga. We supply you with most top gears, fishing permits that are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority for making your Uganda fishing tours a great success.

Mount Elgon and the Sipi falls

If you plan to visit Mount Elgon National Park or planning a Uganda fishing tour then a tour to Sipi falls shouldn’t miss out in your itinerary. Mount Elgon National Park and the Sipi falls are found in Eastern Uganda offering exciting fishing adventures that you shouldn’t miss out in life.

Our Uganda fishing tours at this site is an opportunity for anglers to challenge themselves with the unique rainbow fish species renowned for their striking colors and fighting skills.

This tour can be combined with a fishing excursion at the source of the river Nile in Jinja. As usual, we are ready to take to the best fishing points, provide you the best fishing gears of your choice and the fishing permits.

The adventure of Uganda fishing tours is a lifetime experience. We let you explore the most excellent fishing techniques and destinations in Uganda with its unexploited fishing spots. Also, we ensure safety and promote sustainable fishing practices as well.