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Contact Redrock African Safaris for Uganda and Rwanda tours
Are you planning a visit in particular to Uganda or Rwanda?

So then, contact Redrock African safaris email: or phone number +256-392-842-045. Let us discuss all possibilities for your fabulous tour! 

Contact us at Redrock African Safaris. We suggest activities for you. We further provide prices of tours to all interesting sites of your choice.

The safari specialist is Redrock African safaris

We will definitely help you experience Uganda and Rwanda. Indeed, we can arrange a custom itinerary, just for you! Alternatively, join one of our small group adventures. Our tours go across Uganda and Rwanda. Infact, we explore interesting landscapes and wildlife areas. 

Likewise, we have safari packages in fabulous medium or high budget lodges.

In addition, our private safari and tour packages have prices from 2-6 persons. You can choose any of our adventures. Better still, we customize a trip to suit your specific interests. Hence, we consider your budget and time frame.

Our tours take you to Uganda’s parks, reserves and big forests. There are nature walks to see African wildlife. Then, you will have nice experiences of the wilderness.

Furthermore, you get to meet the great apes and other monkeys in the jungle. See the gorillas in Bwindi forest. Or even the Mgahinga national park. Secondly, meet the chimpanzees in the Kibale forest national park. Alternatively in the Kyambura forested gorge within the Rift Valley.

Our experience as Redrock African Safaris

Undoubtedly, we are an experienced company. We clearly have a greater edge over non-experienced organizations. We offer you the best of Uganda Rwanda Tours. Experience of course implies polished methodology. And so, we give you the most suitable offers in Uganda or Rwanda.

Browse through any of our tour packages.  Or we can modify a tour to particularly suit your plans. Kindly contact our friendly staff at Redrock African safaris. We will examine all activities and lodges. Then, we tailor your preferred vacation!


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