22 days Uganda safari, all primates and wildlife

    22 days around Uganda safari

This 22 days around Uganda safari takes you to see the gorillas and the big five animals. On this 22 days around Uganda safari, you see African wildlife and drive through picturesque landscapes. You encounter unique cultures of the past and many animals of Africa.

The 22 days around Uganda safari offers the following experiences:

22 Days Around Uganda safari, primates and wildlife tours for unique cultures and animals of Africa

  • Visit 6 national parks of Kidepo, Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi, and Lake Mburo in Uganda
  • Gorilla tracking in Bwindi
  • Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park
  • Visit source of the river Nile
  • Nature walk and primate watching in Bigodi Swamp
  • Sunrise and sunset game drives in Kidepo, Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo
  • See the picturesque Sipi falls
  • Boat cruises on River Nile and Kazinga channel with crocodiles and hippos
  • See the numerous crater lakes
  • Views of the Rwenzori Mountains
  • Cross the Equator for that special moment
  • Tour the local community and countryside towns
Day 1: Arrival Entebbe Airport

You are warmly received on arrival and leisurely transferred to your hotel for a good night rest.

Overnight stay: Carpe Diem (BB)/Laico hotel (FB) /Serena hotel (FB)

Day 2: Entebbe to Jinja 100 km, 2 hours

Today, we wake up leisurely to breakfast and relaxation. We drive east through Mabira forest and the sugarcane plantations. And continue past the power dam in Jinja. Firstly, we visit the source of the Nile where we make a walk along the river. In the afternoon, we can walk around the lodge area to see the local way of living. It is also possible to optionally go for kayaking, quad biking or horse riding.

Overnight stay: Nile Porch (BB)/ The Haven (FB) both overlooking the River Nile

Day 3: Jinja – Sipi Falls 180 km, 3.5 hours

Today we drive through Mbale town and up the hills of Kapchorwa. Finally, we reach the Sipi Falls. Here is picturesque landscape on the slopes of Mount Elgon. In the afternoon, have a relaxing hike to the 3 beautiful waterfalls. The homesteads and gardens long the edge of the mountain have stunning views of the endless Karamoja plains. The Sipi falls pour below the rocks about 100 meters. In fact the falls are regarded as the highest Waterfall in Uganda.

Overnight stay: Lacam Lodge (BB) / Sipi River Lodge (FB) both with views of the falls, mountains and valleys below.

Day 4: Sipi Falls – Lira town 260 km, 5 hours

After a relaxing morning, we drive to Lira. On the way, we stop at the Nyero Rock paintings that really depict local history and cultures. Without a doubt, this history dates back to the stone-age. Also on the way, we have some stops for photos of the beautiful landscape. Lira is a true African town with colorful markets and vibrant people.

Overnight stay: Lira Hotel (BB) / Lilian Towers (FB)

Day 5: Lira- Kidepo National Park 290 km, 6 hours

This morning, we transfer leisurely northwards through the rocky countryside to Kidepo. Then we descend into the beautiful valley. En route to the lodge, we drive in the park as we search for the animals. We enjoy a relaxed evening over the fire place. The lodge that overlooks the wilderness is where we spend the night. In Uganda the Kidepo valley is one of the best parks with high chances of seeing the big wildlife like lions, elephants, leopards, giraffes and large herds of buffalo. Furthermore, the park has Ostriches. There are hot springs too in the north of the park that we go to see.

Overnight stay: Savannah lodge / Apoka Lodge (FB) overlooking the wilderness.

Day 6: Kidepo Valley National Park

At first, we start off with a morning game drive in the valley below. It is where most of the big animals congregate. This is where the lions do their hunting. The fertile ground for the predators is here since the buffaloes, zebras and elephants in the valley graze in groups. Later, we explore the park more through the valley and up the hill to the viewing point. Here are picturesque views of the various wildlife on the grassy plains at the bottom.

Overnight stay: Savannah lodge (BB) / Apoka Lodge (FB) overlooking the wilderness.

Day 7: Kidepo National Park-Narus Valley

In the early morning, we move in the beautiful Narus valley. We then cross the sand river up to the hot springs. From the hot springs, one is able to see the border mountains and south Sudan in a distance. We relax briefly by the springs and enjoy a snack. Along this track, we may see the Ostriches, the rare dik-dik antelope and more. In the afternoon, we relax at the lodge or we visit a Karamajong village. This is a unique cultural and tribal experience that is only equal to the Masaai in Kenya!!

Overnight stay: Savannah lodge (BB) / Apoka Lodge (FB) overlooking the wilderness.

Day 8: Kidepo Valley drive south to Gulu 250 kms, 6 hours

Early morning drive as we exit the park. Afterwards, we leisurely transfer through the wilderness and villages to Gulu town.

Wind down at the Acholi Inn (BB) / Bomah hotel (FB)

Day 9: To Murchison Falls 130 km, 3 hours

During the morning, we drive southwards to Murchison Falls National Park. However, we make several stops through the park for photos and wildlife views. Murchison Falls is also one of the must see parks of Uganda. The big four animals and birds are certainly an attraction. The breathtaking water falls are by all means an addition to the beauty of the park. Moreover, the river Nile flows through the entire park on its journey to the Mediterranean sea.

Overnight stay: Murchison River Lodge (BB)/ Para Safari Lodge (FB)

Day 10: Murchison Falls National Park: Game drive and Boat cruise

We have an early morning game drive in the park along the remote tracks. At this time, some of the predators are preparing to rest. This is because they spend the night hunting. We expect to see, hyenas and lions. Because of the roaming lions, the leopards in this park spend more time in the trees during the day. Large herds of elephant, giraffes as well as buffaloes are easy to see. After lunch, we do the boat trip upstream the River Nile. The boat ends at the bottom of the Murchison falls. By the way, the boat is the most ideal place to view and photograph animal and birds of the river. We get close to the hippos and crocodiles as the boat sails along the shores and small islands.

Overnight stay: Murchison River Lodge (BB)/ Para Safari Lodge (FB)

Day 11: Delta Boat to Hoima 150 km, 3 hours

We enjoy a morning boat cruise downstream the River Nile and below the park. Then we continue up to the delta where the river meets Lake Albert. Afterwards, we go to the top of the Murchison falls. Here, the river Nile gushes through a small gorge with a thunderous roar. The river falls meters below and continuously flows through the park. Shortly after we continue via the Rift valley escarpment. This raised point has rather great views of lake Albert and the fishing villages. Eventually, we reach Hoima city where we spend the night.

Overnight stay: Hotel Kontiki (BB) /Hoima Cultural Lodge (FB)

Day 12: Hoima to Kibale Forest 230 km, 6 hours

After a sumptuous breakfast, we drive further to Kibale Forest. The drive southwards passes through villages, banana and tea plantations. You can make a walk around the lodge as the sun sets. The evening brings more sounds of the forest and the rural way of life. Kibale Forest is a spectacular rain-forest with numerous primate species including chimpanzees. Other monkeys are the L’Hoest monkey, Red colobus and grey cheeked Mangabey.

Overnight stay: Chimpanzee Guest House (BB) / Primate Lodge (FB)

Day 13: Trekking the chimpanzees in Kibale forest

Before the sun rises, we go on the trails for chimpanzee trekking. It is definitely a memorable moment to meet the chimps in the forest. Normally, they feed in the trees or play on the ground. Occasionally, they fight for juicy fruits and for hierarchy. Besides the chimps, we meet other monkeys during the trekking. The walk in the forest undergrowth is indeed interesting. It is common to find forest elephants and duikers.  If you are interested in more primates and birds, we can make another nature walk in the nearby Bigodi Swamp. It is also possible to visit the local community. Better still, we explore the crater lakes.

Overnight stay: Chimpanzee Guest House (BB) / Primate Lodge (FB)

Day 14: Kibale Forest to Queen Elizabeth 160 km, 4 hours

We transfer to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. The route is alongside the Rwenzori mountains. Therefore, we clearly see these mountains of the moon. Along the way, we make a stop at the Equator and stand in two hemispheres at the same time. We settle in at the lodge in the early afternoon. Later on as the sun is setting, we search the woodlands for animals.  We then relax at the lodge overlooking the wilderness or the Kazinga channel. Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the perfect locations to see lions and leopards in the wilderness.

Overnight stay: Kasenyi Safari Camp (BB) / Mweya Lodge (FB)

Day 15: Queen Elizabeth and her wildlife

In the park, an early game drive starts off the day. Our drive leads us to the northern side of the park. This area of the park is well known for lions, leopards and the prey that they feed on. During the afternoon, we experience the boat cruise on the Kazinga channel. The channel is a natural water way where animals gather to drink. As a matter of fact, the channel connects two lakes of George an Edward. When it is hot, chances of seeing many animals are high. Besides, here is the biggest gathering of hippo herds in the world.

Overnight stay: Kasenyi Safari Camp (BB) / Mweya Lodge (FB)

Day 16: Ishasha wilderness and tree lions 100 km, 3 hours

Today, we drive through the park and across the Kazinga channel. We continue southwards of Queen Elizabeth National Park to Ishasha. This is where the lions that climb trees roar from. We undertake a worthwhile game drive in search of the rare tree climbing lions, as the sun goes down. Everyday, the prides of lions climb the trees. Not quite normal in the lion kingdom even when they are cats. The other unique animal in Ishasha is the Topi antelope. The funny looking Topi is actually a very fast runner. It particularly looks like the Tsessebe.

Overnight stay: Ishasha Jungle Lodge (BB) / Ishasha Wilderness Camp (FB)

Day 17: Ishasha to Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla forest 65 km, 2 hours /150 km, 5 hours

After breakfast and relaxation, we drive further to Bwindi. On our way, we see hillside villages and  beautiful mountains. Bwindi Impenetrable is uniquely a natural mountain forest. Not only has the forest got many wildlife species but rare birds as well. In fact, Bwindi forest is a world heritage site. Bwindi is one of the 2 places in the world where you find the endangered Mountain Gorillas!! Equally important, Bwindi is the only forest that is shared by both the gorillas an chimpanzees.

Overnight stay: Gorilla Mist Camp (BB) / Mahogany Springs Lodge (FB)

Day 18: Bwindi Impenetrable forest Gorillas and more primates

Very early in the morning, we set off to the forest. The highlight of today, is definitely an encounter with a family of the Gorillas!! It is permitted to spend only an hour with them. However, it is an experience that will be with you for a long period. Ordinarily they feed and play quietly. But they also fight noisily. Sometimes, the Silver-back gorilla likes to put up a show while jumping and breaking trees. He does this to display his prowess.

Overnight stay: Gorilla Mist Camp (BB) / Mahogany Springs Lodge (FB)

Day 19: Bwindi Impenetrable forest to Lake Bunyonyi 110 km, 4 hours

After a hearty breakfast and relaxation, we again transfer southwards. The winding roads go through the terraced green hills and settlements. Indeed, this area is known as the “Switzerland” or little Alps of Uganda. Finally, we reach lake Bunyonyi. This lake is the deepest and truly most beautiful lake in Uganda. In the afternoon, you can relax and read a book by the lodge overlooking the lake. Likewise, you can take a swim in the Bilharzia free lake. Other optional activities for today include a hike in the hills or a community walk.  Above all, we can go canoeing on the lake.

Overnight stay: Sharp Island Lodge (FB) / Bird Nest (FB)

Day 20: Relaxing at Lake Bunyonyi

The day is really for relaxation by the lakeside. Alternatively, we have a boat trip to the islands that include the punishment Island. Meanwhile at the lodge and while on the boat, you have beautiful views of the terraces and green hills.

Overnight stay: Sharp Island Lodge (FB) / Bird Nest (FB)

Day 21: Lake Bunyonyi to Lake Mburo 195 km, 4 hours

After breakfast we leisurely drive through the long horned cattle area to Lake Mburo National Park. In the afternoon, we have a boat trip on the lake. As the night falls though, we take a night game drive. There are surely high chances of seeing leopards, hyenas. We also expect other nocturnal wildlife. Lake Mburo is one of the few national parks with giraffes and zebras. Furthermore, it is the only park with Elands and impalas in Uganda. Our overnight is at the Rwakobo Rock (BB) on a hill bordering the park or Mihingo Lodge (FB) on an out crop overlooking the park below.

Day 22: Lake Mburo to Entebbe 310 km, 5 hours

Enjoy a game walk during the morning. Interestingly, walking safaris are possible since there are no elephants and lions in the park. On our leisurely drive back, we can have another stopover at the Equator. We finally transfer to the airport for the departure flight.

End of the 22 days around Uganda safari, primates and wildlife tours

TOTAL PRICE (Medium range accommodations- Full board)
  • 2 persons: USD 4645 per person (double/twin sharing) based on a private tour
  • 4 persons: USD 3960 per person (double/twin sharing) based on a private tour
  • 6 persons: USD 3695 per person (double/twin sharing) based on a private tour
  • USD: 835 single room supplement outside the double/twin room

The above price includes:

  • Ground transfers
  • 4×4 custom built safari vehicle with knowledgeable driver/guide and fuel
  • Sealed Bottled drinking water
  • Accommodations with meals
  • Entrance fees to the included Parks and sites

    following activities are included: Gorilla and chimpanzee tracking, game drives, community walk, bird watching, boat trips on the river Nile, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mburo, and Kazinga Channel and a visit to the crater lakes.

TOTAL PRICE (High Budget accommodations- Full board)

  • 2 persons: USD 7820 per person (double/twin sharing) based on a private tour
  • 4 persons: USD 6995 per person (double/twin sharing) based on a private tour
  • 6 persons: USD 6610 per person (double/twin sharing) based on a private tour
  • USD: 1345 single room supplement outside the double/twin room

    The above Price does not include:

  • Activities not in the Itinerary
  • Flights and Insurances
  • Visa for Uganda
  • Meals and drinks not mentoned
  • Tips, personal expenses such as laundry and communications


    N.B: The 22 days around Uganda safari can be done at any time of the year.

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