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Uganda Birding Safaris

Uganda is has a high diversity of birds with a high concentration per square kilometer.

The country has over a thousand bird species. That means half of the continent’s total bird population.

Uganda is ranked as one of the highest in Africa and most attractive destination for bird watchers. Bird species include forest, Savannah and water birds, These include native as well as migrant species that find conditions favorable.

In Uganda, the western area within the Rift valley has the highest numbers of species with extras from the Congo Basin.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park has approximately 604 species making the highest concentration because of the different habitats of grassland, forest and the water bodies therein.

Murchison falls, Semliki, Bwindi forest and Kidepo valley are also popular bird watching destinations. These national parks have unique habitat ranges. They are home to endemic species that are not seen in other Parks or areas within Uganda.


Huge Forest areas such as Kibale, Budongo and Mabira have many forest birds that reside within them.

Uganda has 25 endemic birds mostly confined to the forests of Semliki, Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks in the southwest these include the Green breasted Pitta, Grauer’s Rush Warbler as well as the African green Broadbill.


 In the open grasslands, there are many birds and they are easy to see. Vultures fly high while looking down on the open grounds for carcasses to feast on.

The ground dwelling birds like the Guinea fowls, Quails and francolins look up and run around nervously into nearby thick grasses and bushes. They try to escape the Eagles, Hawks and Buzzards that attack from above.


Over 200 species from the rare Shoebill and African Skimmer to the endemic Fox’s Weaver, are found in the wetlands around Mabamba and the numerous lakes around Uganda.

Our Uganda birding safaris take you to explore some of these important bird watching sites.

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